Treating Me Right | A campaign that aims to empower people living with HIV
The ...Treating Me Right? campaign is a disease awareness programme that has been developed and paid for by Gilead Sciences Ltd.
…Treating Me Right?
…Treating Me Right? is a campaign that aims to empower people living with HIV to know their healthcare rights and, where possible, be actively involved in decisions about their treatment.

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Watch our campaign videos to hear from people who have stood up for their healthcare rights.

Be informed and active in your care to help make sure you get the right treatment for you!

Read a guide to your rights

Read the …Treating Me Right? guide today, find out your patient rights and think about the questions you could be asking your doctor or nurse.

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Why is this important?

You are entitled to the best care – but it's not just down to your healthcare team, you are responsible too.

Your doctors and nurses will have your best interests in mind but you can’t leave all the responsibility with them. You need to work with your healthcare team to make them aware of your personal needs. This could include things such as your lifestyle or other conditions which may affect the treatment that is best for you. You can then make decisions about your health together. The more involved you are in this, the better the outcome will be for you.

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Is this relevant to you?

Every person receiving treatment or care from NHS England has rights as a patient.

For example, did you know you have the right to treatment that meets your personal needs? Whoever you are and however HIV affects you, it is important to be fully informed and understand what your rights are as these may have a significant impact on your treatment or care.

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About the campaign

…Treating Me Right? is a campaign initiated and funded by Gilead Science Ltd. and developed in collaboration with the HIV community.

A group of leading HIV advocates and patient organisations have partnered with Gilead to lead this campaign to help you make more informed decisions about your health.

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