Treating Me Right | A campaign that aims to empower people living with HIV
The ...Treating Me Right? campaign is a disease awareness programme that has been developed and paid for by Gilead Sciences Ltd.
Your right to be part of decisions about your treatment

When it comes to making decisions about your treatment, it’s important to know your rights. You should be actively involved in the decisions that affect your health. This means that, where appropriate, decisions should be discussed, information provided and the opportunity given to ask questions.

For people with HIV, it’s more important than ever before to speak up about your healthcare needs and ask for the best care for you. The NHS is facing reduced funding for care1 - being involved in your treatment and care now can improve your own long-term health and support our health service for the future. Your doctors and nurses will have your best interests in mind but they need your support to help make decisions about your care and treatment.

This short guide highlights three rights from the NHS Constitution, an important document that explains the rights that all NHS England patients have.2 You may find these helpful when speaking to your doctor or nurse about your HIV treatment.

You have the right to:

Treatment that meets your needs and preferences

Talk to your doctor or nurse about what is important to you, so you can work together to choose the best treatment for you.

Do you have needs relating to your age and lifestyle when choosing treatment? This could include travel, work and family life.

Are you taking any medication for another condition which could change what treatment you need?

If so, does the amount of pills you take affect your HIV treatment preferences?

Does your treatment need to fit around your job or social activities?

Be involved in making decisions about your health care

Ask your doctor or nurse questions and tell them what you think and feel so you are part of every decision.

Have you made a list of questions to talk through with your doctor or nurse?

Have you taken enough time to think about your treatment options?

Would it be helpful to take notes at your appointment so you can remind yourself about what you discussed?

Be given information about all the treatment options available to you

You should be given all the information you need to make decisions about treatment with your doctor or nurse. It’s always okay to ask for more information.

Do you understand the information you have been given, or do you have any unanswered questions?

Have you asked what other treatment options are available to you on the NHS?

Is there someone else you can speak to that can help you discuss your treatment with your doctor or nurse?

You should be involved in every decision about your treatment.
Make sure you understand the information you are given and work with your doctor or nurse to make the right decision for you.

These are just some of your rights covered under Section 3a of the NHS Constitution.
For the full list see:

The Treating Me Right campaign is a disease awareness programme that has been developed and paid for by Gilead Sciences Ltd, a science-based pharmaceutical company. Content development has been supported by input from patient groups with an interest in HIV in the UK.


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